From west to east,
a light that generates intense emotions

The millennial history of Palermo, gets lost among ancient legends, hidden treasures and flows enchantingly. With its deep cultural identity, Palermo is a timeless capital. An expression of beauty, symbol of the Mediterranean culture and metropolitan city. The mountain skyline surrounds the city and reaches the sea in harmony and in equilibrium with the shapes of nature. Palermo is a unique place in the world.

Characterized by an exclusive Arabic-Norman style, adorned with elegance, the cradle of Art, with its architectonic treasures and its stunning baroque.Lifestyle, languages, culture and custom, Palermo is a journey into the Liberty history. Decorations with Byzantine elements,Norman palaces built following Islamic iconographic models,the luxuriant gardens projected by the Saracens.

Hybrid expressive shapes among fantastic stories and a reality to contemplate. Through distant sensations and images, You can still perceive the echoes of a Modernist place that chose the Art Nouveau to build theatres and palaces to show the prestige of the bourgeoisie.

Vibrant and magical in its simplicity,among delightful churches, narrow streets of cobblestones, sumptuous palaces and embellished fountains,the Capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies is immersed in a fascinating universe, different from the other Italian cities,with a strong identity and valuable beauty.Place of knowledge and expressiveness that possesses the charm of a poetry.


A deep and poetic emotion in Monreale
part of the history of art

Inside the Arabic and Norman itinerary, the Cathedral of Monreale represents the greatest existent example of the magnificent of the ancient mosaics. Just a few kilometres from Palermo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova is considered one of the most impressive medieval church in the world that can still amaze people when admiring it.

There are sumptuous places that touch the soul, places of rare beauty. All the walls are realized with mosaics and golden decorations that narrate many moments taken from the Old and New Testament, the story of Adam and Eve, the Genesis and Noah’s Ark.

These elements make this place an extraordinary masterpiece. The golden decorations of the three apses are mosaics inspired by the Byzantines.

The suggestive vision of the Christ Pantokrator will leave everybody wordless surrounded by a holy silent. He is represented with colours that symbolize royalty and divinity and with a blue that draws humanity.

With statues and bronze candleholders dating back to the XVI century, romans columns, and geometric decorations on the wooden ceiling, the Duomo di Monreale is considered one the most spectacular temples of the Christianity. With its Latin cross plan it seems like walking towards the origins.

Another wonderful attraction that deserves a visit is Chiostro Benedettino, with a garden and columns carefully decorated. This building represents a spectacular combination of architecture and nature, a holy building extremely important for the Theological world.


Wind and waves of palermo coastline
indulge yourself in a sunny day surrounded by the sea and nature

Located in a splendid scenery, between Mount Gallo and the sumptuous Mount Pellegrino, just a few minutes from Palermo, the gulf of Mondello is today a special place.

With its wide and golden sandy beach, crossed by the turquoise sea, Mondello and its colours can touch your soul. Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies defined it “a corner of Paradise in Earth”.

Originally a small fishing village that became a tourist destination by the end of the XIX century. This charming coastline became a key place for the International Modernism and was considered a symbol of the Art Nouveau in Europe.

Elegant villas with florals patterns, columns, decorations and paintings that thanks to the imprint of the architect Ernesto Basile become the best expression of the Liberty style.

Another beauty of the Sicilian coast is Capo Gallo Nature Reserve, located in the nearby area.

At sunset, Mondello will surprise with its typical Mediterranean climate, your soul and your mind will benefit of this stunning spectacle.

“The sea is also yours, if you learn to listen to it”


Seaview windows, all year around
a suggestive bay of rare beauty

With its magnificent medieval and prehistoric remains, Cefalù is a town of very ancient origins. Reference point of the Madonie mountains, Cefalù is a mythological land, a traditional village by the seaside.

Located on the northern coast of Sicily, about 70 km from Palermo, on the summit of a promontory facing the Aeolian Islands, Cefalù is the reflexion of numerous stories.

The legend on the natural lights, the breeze and the blue shades of the sea, represent the beautiful atmosphere generated from this beautiful village where it is still possible admiring local people taking care of their fishing boats.

People of different origins gathered for the realization of the Arabic-Norman Duomo that dominates the main square of the town with its byzantine mosaics, its cloister and decorated columns.

A picturesque town composed of medieval quarters, small churches and gothic arches with romantic view.

There is no doubt that Cefalù keeps nowadays its original spirit among the narrow streets whose Norman, Arabic, Baroque, Greek and Byzantine origins embody in Corso Ruggero, the heart of this medieval village.

On the summit of the rock, Cefalù dominates with its exceptional position, surrounded by the ancient walls and medieval remains.

Furthermore, from the mysterious and holy temple of Diana, place of devotion and rituals it is possible to admire from the above all this stunning coast.