The crystal waters break on the sandy shoreline, waves ripple, dragging fragments of coral to the shore, and a salty breeze spreads all around. From this enchanted scenario, rises Mondello beach. Its bay, enclosed between Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino, is separated from the city of Palermo by the Favorita Park.


A naturalistic site that is also the most famous of the Sicilian capital thanks to its spectacular landscape. As in watercolor, the coast of fine sand is tinged with blue on the shoreline and slopes down to the deepest blue, refracting the warm rays of the sun.

It is a unique emotion to be able to immerse yourself in the transparent water while observing the palm groves that, together with the oleanders and maritime pines and with the peninsulas behind, form the backdrop of the natural landscape.


Naturalistic but also of architectural heritage, Mondello is furthermore, a reference point for Art Nouveau. Chosen by the master Ernesto Basile for its climate and its Mediterranean charm, the village today presents one of the most vivid and evocative representations of the style that characterized the Belle Époque period.


Stucco twirls with floral motifs, paved colonnades and naturalistic capitals, polychrome, and shiny stained glass windows: the residences of Mondello are true expressions of the Liberty style of historical and international interest.

Veduta di Mondello
Veduta Cefal
Veduta Cefal


Cittadina medievale, borgo marino, comune storico, Cefalù incarna i mille volti che ne hanno plasmato il panorama ed il suo fascino. Dai rest....

Duomo di Monreale


Sospeso nel tempo, tra sublimazione artistica e introspezione spirituale, il Duomo di Monreale è una delle attrattive musive più sorprendent....

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