Medieval, seaside village and historic town, Cefalù embodies the thousand faces that have shaped its landscape and its charm. From its prehistoric and medieval remains to the Arab-Norman domination, the town is the reflection of the workers and peoples who have embellished its outline, maintaining its mythical and ancient origin unaltered.

There are traces of the prehistoric era in the caves found in the rock, the Arab-Norman inspirations are evident in the majestic Duomo and in the churches with a romantic sensitivity, and the Middle Ages and its urban art predominate in the courtyards and cobbled alleys – characteristic of the old public washhouse inside the Palazzo Martino.


History blends with contemporary life, giving life to generations of men who live in symbiosis with the sea: even today it is possible to observe the local people who sustain their fishing nets and take care of the boats.


A picturesque town whose mystical soul is kept in the fortress overlooking the city. Here, the mysterious temple of Diana fascinates with its millenary history made up of sacred rites and pagan devotion. The site also offers one of the best views of the village, gathering in a single perspective view, the whole headland, including the Aeolian Islands in the background.



The crystal waters break on the sandy shoreline, waves ripple, dragging fragments of coral to the shore, and a salty breeze spreads all around....



Suspended in time, between artistic sublimation and spiritual introspection, the Cathedral of Monreale is one of the most astounding mosaic at....

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