Ouverture Terrace

Mediterranean romance on the terrace overlooking Palermo

An intimate retreat in the heart of Palermo. The sushi restaurant located on the 5th floor of the Grand Hotel et des Palmes reveals all its uniqueness in harmony with the spectacular view on the terrace.

Thousand and One Nights

Here Palermo welcomes the gaze of its guests, arousing sensations of a “Thousand and One Nights”. The intense lights and the colors of the background of the historic center amaze and enchant anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the beauty of the city.


Breathing the air that brings with it the warm breeze of the sea, while enjoying a menu of oriental cuisine reinterpreted in a Mediterranean key, becomes an essential must for casual visitors or hotel guests.


The intimate and refined interior space is designed for sober and elegant dinners yet does not escape the thrill of a romantic and sophisticated experience.

terrazzs ridimensionata

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