Rooms & suites

A sophisticated simplicity for the rooms of the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes equipped with always enchanting details

an atmosphere suspended in time


Palettes of grey and brown, the parquet floor and the refined fabrics making the space sophisticated

A scenery of great impact where our rooms are brightened by golden details that convey majesty and nobility.



Every tailormade detail is sober and realized to donate a balanced harmony in all its shapes.

Here everything starts following the sense of space and ends with an eye for detail. Comfort and grandeur are our strong points, the Mediterranean style reflect


Junior suite

The contemporary soul of our Junior Suites finds its expression with a sophisticated touch that reflects a lively and vivacious personality.

The vibrant character of discovery reflects the appealing portrait of our Suite at the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes.


J Suite Terrace

Projected to satisfy the new and contemporary way of living, interacting with the exterior, in one of the most vibrant place of the city but guaranteeing an absolute tranquillity.

Perfectly projected to perceive the magic, a freestanding tub that gives a touch of originality embraced by the pleasant Sicilian warmth.

Suite Terrace

Presidential suite Wagner

The visionary Presidential Suite is dedicated to Richard Wagner, famous composer and exponent of the European Romanticism, who stayed in this room with his wife Cosima Liszt in search of inspiration to complete the Parsifal.


Library Sala Basile – Area Lounge – Winter Garden – Room service h 24 – Garage with valet – Concierge – Free Wi Fi