The harmony of the
hospitality at the
Grand Hotel et Des Palmes
a place fulfilled with culture and history Facebook Instagram Whatsapp
Icon of elegance
and romanticism
unique Liberty Style hotel in Palermo Facebook Instagram Whatsapp

The feeling, as you walk through the entrance, is to enter a place ready to surprise you.

It is an authentic emotion to get lost along the corridors and the
sumptuous halls of the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes, where a magical
tranquillity and the beauty of its art try to stop the passing of time. Get
captured by precious chef d’oeuvres in our virtuous suites, where refined
fabrics and unique pieces are shaped by the light that filters through the

Balanced between aesthetic and functionality, the suites of the Grand
Hotel et Des Palmes dialogue with history, design and innovative
technology. A new idea of vitality replacing the concept of static icon.


Beauty is not only awesomeness, but also incitement, aspiration and tension. Wagner and his notes have guided us, as in a magic charme, in all of our choices to give back light to this timeless place. An accurate refurbishment has brought back the original affreschi, which will attract you with their stunning beauty.

Slide GASTRONOMY It is impossible to remain indifferent to the romantic atmosphere of the restaurants at the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes which, from the very first impression, show their unique personality. A culinary experience where a new concept of Gourmet will meet an intense mediterranean touch. An accurate selection of flavors and local products blended into one harmonious effect. Slide MIXOLOGY BAR Intuition and creativity, ambition and talent. These are the leitmotiv that reflect the essence of the space dedicated to Mixology at the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes. A sumptuous DeskBar with a carefully selected wine cellar. A special attention to supercomfort is given thanks to our customized handmade furniture. At the Bar of the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes the journey goes beyond any definition, the night is accompanied by the sound of the music, the perfect drink or a delicious meal of our NeoBistrot, everything framed in this eclectic style. Slide Neo-Bistrot A space imagined to welcome our special guests. Surrounded by the beauty of the Art Nouveau, the cure of every detail makes it a breathtaking location for its design and architecture. The goal of this culinary experience is to combine the strong sicilian tradition with new contemporary concepts. A continuous research to find new ways to re- interpret the sicilian roots. A place where everything can change just as our feelings, desires and visions do.


We are enthusiastic to share with you the heritage of the legendary
Grand Hotel et Des Palmes, and the magic that will be felt inside and
through the historical center of Palermo, there are places that can be felt
only by living them.

Living Palermo is a choice full of tradition and love, which reflects
infinitely in your mind and soul.

The spirit of this place is in continuous dialogue with the Sicilian
aesthetics, and the distinctive signs of the Liberty heritage.


For decades the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes has been part not only of the identity of Palermo but also of the imagination of the locals, who for generations have seen it as an indispensable pillar.

We are glad to share this jewel symbol of art, culture and beauty and give it back to Palermo and its citizens.

Every single event that will take place at the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes will be fulfilled with authenticity and enchanting beauty.


The Spa of the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes seals comfort, luxury, and the wellness that we want to give to our guests.

The SPA will be provided with sauna, hammam with calidarium and tepidarium, massage area, hydromassage, swimming pool, and a relax area. A place that will give you intense comfort and wellness to live absolute serendipity moments.